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Hey there, thanks for taking the time to view my website! Take a look around and contact me if you're interested in anything! Let's make something great together!

Drawing of my anthro dog fursona. Art by cinnomonchicken.

want a commission?

Read on to find my prices and TOS! Feel free to contact me on twt or ig to order!Click here to see my queue!

let's get started!

Prices shown are for 1 flatcolor character. Experimental shading +50% rounded up. I do not shade refs.First extra character doubles the price. +50% each other character after that.Color or simple backgrounds are free. Complex backgrounds are on a case-by-case basis. Contact to discuss.

character belongs to @breezy_dazy on twitter

bust $25

A shoulder-up piece of any character or OC.

character belongs to @crowbito1 on twitter

halfbody $35

A waist-up piece of any character or OC.

character belongs to @cndycornisfood

Chibi $35

chibi fullbody piece of any character or OC.Complex designs may be simplified.

character belongs to @xSaki__Chanx on twitter

fullbody $50

A fullbody piece of any character or OC.

belongs to @castorwheels on twitter

ref sheet $75

Symmetrical double-sided ref sheet with face or mouth closeup. Non-symmetrical ref sheets start at $100.• Extra fullbody +$40
• Outfit chibi +$30
• Extra close-up +$20
• Props +$5 each

character belongs to @shadesokami on twitter

doodle page $120

Page filled with art of your character. Artistic liberty. Guaranteed 1 fullbody, 2 halfbodies, and 2 headshots.• extra fullbody +$40 each
• extra halfbody +$25 each
• extra headshot +$15 each


Turnaround Time

I try to do commissions in the order I get them! During breaks, my commissions can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks but during the school year it can be up to a few months! If I believe your commission might take longer than that, I will let you know! Please be patient with me, I am a full-time college student!

looking for something different?

Shoot me a message! I am open to drawing things outside of what I offer on this website!

Will DrawWon’t Draw
anthro furriessexual/fetish art
unusual/hybridsoverly suggestive art
pokemonpolitics/religion art
partner artharsh gore/self-harm
platonic artdrugs/drug use
bigger bodiesarmor/robots
simple clothesmlp/ponies

experimental commissions!

Read on to find my prices! Feel free to contact me on twt or ig to order!

let's get started!

Experimental commissions are commission types or styles I'm still working on or developing! They are typically single character pieces, but feel free to ask about multiple!

telegram stickers

bust/halfbody sticker style art made on a 512x512 canvas. Complex designs may be simplified. fullbody and ych stickers priced separately.

Sticker pricing

  • $15 for 1

  • $50 for 4

  • $70 for 6

  • $120 for 12

ych sticker +$4 each
fullbody sticker +$5 each
add'l character +$5 each (max 2 chars in 1 sticker)
can do orders of up to 60 but they will be done in batches of 12 to avoid burnout.

Couple Doodle Page $240

Page filled with art of your and another's character. Artistic liberty. Guaranteed 2 fullbody couples, 2 single fullbodies (1 each), and 2 headshots (1 each).


Drawing of my anthro dog fursona in the shower. Only the head is visible, soaking wet. A banana is off to the side with a bite taken out of it. A shower head is behind the dog, and the water is running. Art by cinnomonchicken.

(yes, I eat in the shower)

about me:

Hey there, my name is Ori! I’m a Cuban artist from Miami in my early twenties! I love drawing, card and video games, cooking, and Korean dramas!Some interesting things about me are that I'm a college student majoring in IT, I moved to Georgia to be with my fiancé, and I have 5 cats and 3 dogs!

please don't talk to me about:

  • any kind of drug (including recreational)

  • porn and/or intense fetish content

  • politics/current events

dni if:

  • want to hit on me

  • involved with hyperfat

  • pedo/loli/map/cub/zoo/etc

  • bigoted/hateful/ethnocentrist


1. I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission for any reason including, but not limited to, poor communication, inappropriate behavior, or disregard for TOS.2. I retain all rights to any artwork I produce.3. By commissioning me, you agree to receive art in my style.4. You may use the commissioned artwork as long as I am credited.5. You may NOT remove my signature from my work OR claim it as your own.6. You may NOT edit, alter, or trace my work without my permission.7. You may reproduce the commissioned artwork for personal use ONLY. Commercial rights can be discussed.8. I do not issue refunds after commission work has begun. Exceptions may be made for emergencies.9. I accept deadlines at a fee reliant on the date of the deadline.10. I make free edits during the sketch phase. Changes after that WILL incur a fee.11. You may NOT associate my artwork with anything pertaining to NFTs.12. I have the right to pursue damages under U.S. Copyright Law, should this TOS be breached.